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Differentielle Bildgebung bei der Beurteilung der Mitralinsuffizienz

Das optimale bildgebende Verfahren zur Quantifizierung und Differentialdiagnose der Mitralinsuffizienz zu wählen, ist auch für erfahrene Kardiologen eine Herausforderung.

Double raphed bicuspid aortic valve and the "reverse S" coronary angiographic sign

A 54-year-old woman complaining of exertional dyspnoea was diagnosed by transoesophageal echocardiography with severe stenosis of a functional bicuspid aortic valve comprised of two laterally oriented cusps with two opposite symmetrical raphes one on each cusp and two commissures.

A patient with chest pain, AV dissociation and a paced ventricular rhythm

We present a patient with a ventricular paced rhythm who was diagnosed with ST segment elevation myocardial infarction and pacemaker dysfunction.

An ICD case: „Spike quiz“

The patient’s cardiologist did not understand the routine ECG registered in his patient.There were unipolar spikes in all derivations just after the QRS.

Retrocardiac sinus node artery: a previously undescribed anatomical variation

Knowledge of the variant anatomy of the sinus node artery is important in cardiac operations involving atrial incisions and catheter ablation procedures for atrial fibrillation in order to preserve its integrity and thereby avoid ischaemic sinus node dysfunction.

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